friends don’t wanna be friends no more once you don’t like getting fucked outta your mind every single weekend

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stilll living still learning

I’m a different fucking person when I drink

So many people out there making moves, makes you wonder how many of them will really make it. Makes me wonder if I’m ever really gonna make it..

Ay shot my girl for a clothing label today

I’m very very confused, everyone waits there whole life to experience ‘love’ I think it’s so overthought that when or if we ever finally attain it then we often don’t even realise it for what it is. She loves me and treats me right, I tell her love is just a word that has no meaning to me. Really I just don’t feel it for her, my mind aches everyday now I don’t think my judgement is right. I shouldn’t make any drastic decisions but then I think that is how all those pathetic relationships go on existing, because one of them is too scared to make a drastic decision. 

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rare photo of Ethan Kath smiling
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